The Ultimate Guide to Improve Website for Better User Experience

What if, you’re using a proven marketing technique, driving plenty of targeted traffic, your offer is absolutely perfect, still low or no sales?

You keep asking, “Where the hell I drop the ball in this process?”

You may not agree, but having a bad experience is one of the major reason people don’t do business. A study found that 88% of online consumers are less likely to return to the site after an unsatisfied UX. The point is: just offering the best product or services isn’t enough, you also have to give out the best experience.

Think, if your friend invites you on dinner, then, after a long wait, serve delicious food on a dirty plate. I bet you’ll never go there again unless you’re in love with your friend. You know driving continuous traffic to your website is a fight. But then…turning that traffic into leads and sales is another big fight.

Let me give you some more reasons why user experience has such importance in marketing and sales process.

Why it is important

  • Well designed website provoke positive emotions that give a sense of peace and trust.
  • Proving best user experience improves brand and its authority.
  • Most users ignore website with bad UX. A study found that 88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience.
  • Search engines also consider user experience as a factor while ranking.

and many more reasons.

Now, let’s see how to improve the users experience.


The average patience time has reduced to 8 seconds from 12 seconds in last few years. If your web page doesn’t pop out from server and reach to the user screen quickly, you most likely lose him. A study says that 47% visitors expect a page to load within 2 seconds, and 57% leave if it takes more than 3 seconds.

Even Google takes speed as an important factor while ranking websites.

How to check your website speed

For this, you can use Google pagespeed insight tool which will tell you the speed of your web page on Mobile and Desktop. Not only this, but it also tells you about flaws and how to fix them.

Just enter your web page address in the text field, and click the button “ANALYZE”.

google page insight


Tips to speed up your website

  • Do not trap into cheap, low rated hosting plans. Buy a good, reliable, and dedicated (if possible) hosting plan.
  • Do not include heavy graphical images to the page. Add less and compressed images. If you are using WordPress, get the plugin wp smush. Or another way is using online tool tinypng.
  • Keep the length of pages short. If it’s big, break it into multiple pages.
  • Uninstall all the plugins you are not using or slowing down your speed.

To know more about how to speed up your website, read this article from Moz.

Responsive design

A responsive website is what convert itself to best appearance based on screen layout and resolution. If, for any reason, your website is still not responsive, make it now.

More and more people are using mobiles and tablets to access the internet. A study says that 90% of consumers want to access the content however they want. Another study says that 61% of users move to another site if they don’t find what they were looking for on a mobile site.

How to test responsiveness

There are many free online apps that can test how your web page looks on different devices. You can check yours through responsive design checker app. Insert your website URL, click the “GO” button, and get the look.


responsive design checker

It displays how your website looks on the desktop, iPad, iPhone, and Nexus devices.

How to get responsive website

Having a responsive website is pretty easy; just buy a responsive theme. Below are some places where you can buy awesome ready-made themes.

  1. Themeforest (for all platforms)
  2. Studiopress (for WordPress)
  3. Themify (for WordPress)

If, for some reason, you want to turn your current theme to responsive, you can hire a freelance designer at upwork.

Optimize Key pages

Though all the pages are valuable, but three pages on the website are highly important.

  1. Home page
  2. About page
  3. Contact page

Let’s start with the Home page.

Home page with CTA

Your website Home page is the first thing users most likely to see. That is your first chance (most of the time only chance) to get the reader’s attention, and to make him take the desired action.

You should take care of two important things at Home page.

  1. Include CTA
  2. Include CTA above the fold

Let’s talk about CTA first.

CTA (Call-to-Action) is simply instructing the reader to take some action. You can do it using images or text. For example, Call Now, Download for Free, or Buy Now.

You may think people are self-driven. But the fact is different. Most of your website visitors actually don’t know what to do after opening a website. If users will not see how you are useful to them, they will go away. They want you to tell them what next. That is the case where CTA are highly useful.

To find your CTA, think of one action you want your reader to take at first. Though, make sure it has a high possibility of getting done. For example, you can tell the reader to try your product before purchase for free. So, your CTA could be “Try for Free”

Second important point is to place the CTA above the fold. Above the fold is the screen first appear before scrolling. According to Go Globe, 47% of the website have a clear call-to-action button that takes users 3 seconds or less or see. It’s been found that to place CTA above the fold increase conversion rate.

For example, look at the home page of Evernote.

evernote homepage


The headline is benefit-driven, and Sign Up form is placed above the fold.

About page

Isn’t writing an About page hardest thing on earth? It is, at least for me. To brag about you, especially in business, always push you towards perfectionism. And we know it doesn’t exist.

Well, that may the reason some websites publish a lame introduction(dead man talking) or worst don’t publish it.

For example, look below and compare these two pages.

 badly written homepage
An unexpressive about page
practo home page
A passionate about page

The first one is unclear, boring and emotionless while the second one is focused and making a connection.

Take care of these points while writing an about page

  • Speak one to one from the first person. For example, write “We help you…” instead of writing “ABC company will help you…
  • Show human faces. They increase credibility.
  • Talk more about readers and less about you.

To read more in details about writing an About page, read this article from Neil Patel.

Contact page

If you’re in a business, contacting you must be easy than any other thing.  Just having a form is not enough, but also give other ways to make a contact with you. Include

  1. Physical address
  2. Email address
  3. Contact number
  4. Social media accounts
  5. Skype id

Do not Interrupt

Ethan Zuckerman invented the most hated object on Internet. Yes, it is pop ups. Honestly, nobody likes them – especially when they are noisy, irrelevant, and come out eventually interrupting your flow.

Avoid pop-ups as much as you can – especially in the middle of some process. They are annoying and irritates your readers. But wait…

You don’t need to wipe out popups completely, but make them little smarter. How?

Just keep the following rules in mind while adding them:

  1. Display one in the beginning (when user arrives) or at the end (when user is about to leave)
  2. Don’t make it to cover whole screen
  3. Keep  your offer specific and relevant to your audience


Have you ever noticed the pages of Google? There are plenty of space available. Is it Google not have enough text and images to show you? Absolutely not. Then, why there is plenty of blank space there?

Well, it is for your comfortability. It’s been found that more congested webpages confuse the visitors and make them uncomfortable. You should keep a right balance so that your prospects can get what they want and breath as well.

For example, look the Home page of FreshBooks above the fold.


Though giving all the required details, yet clear and simple.


Buyers are demanding now. You have to keep improving your website UX so that they stay and keep coming. Share what problems you do face in user experience and what you have done to overcome?

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