The Essential Checklist Before Publishing Blog Post

How do you make sure that the blog post you’re going to publish is best of you?

Do you play this game on luck or you have a system to check?

If you play on luck, you’d be lucky to publish a great post every time. But if you have a system, then you don’t need to bother.

The checklist is a one-of-that-kind system. It is easy to implement, saves your time, and helps to keep your blog post quality consistent.

Here I’ve created a blog post checklist. It will help you with content quality, media, and SEO.

Let’s check out the list.

Content Quality Checklist

Compelling headline
If the headline is not catchy, nobody will click and read your post —even if you write the best content on Internet. Write a headline that is solution oriented, make some promise and best of all…evoke emotions and curiosity.

After the headline, Intro is the second most important part of your post. Write first few sentences in a way that interest the readers, evoke emotions, and secretly push them to read more.

Write clear and concise sentences and paragraphs. Include bullet points where applicable so that reader can scan easily. Other important factors are fonts and space. Use them wisely.

Grammar and spellings
No, you don’t need to be grammar ninja. But always try to eliminate grammatical errors as much as possible. It shows your professionalism and seriousness towards your work.

Back your points with reputable sources
If you’re using some facts and figures in your post, then make sure they’re backed by some reputable sources. This way you can turn a post from personal opinion to expert opinion.

Media Checklist

Add high-quality images only
Use high-quality images. Do not use if image is:

  • blur
  • faded
  • in Low resolution
  • inappropriate

Compress all images
Though high-quality images look good and professional, they are heavy and may slow down your page loading. In that case, use image compression tools like tinypng.

SEO Checklist

Keywords are words or combination of words people use to search information on search engines. They’re extremely important because search engines organize and rank your page on the basis of keywords. Make sure you main keyword is present:

  • in the title of the post
  • in the URL of the post
  • at least a couple of times in the body of the post

People are busy. So keep your blog pages light and fast. If it is taking more than 3-4 seconds to load on the browser, you better to look at this.

Links to your own content
If your current post has subjects and keywords you already have written about on your blog, then link it. Internal linking improves the importance and credibility of your post as well as increase SEO ranking.

Misc Checklist

All links open in new tab
Make sure all the links (especially outside of your blog) open in a new tab. Otherwise, your readers may fade away with just a click.

Add category, tags, and excerpt to the post
Give your post a suitable category it should belong to. Add tags that highlight your subject and keywords. And write a catchy excerpt that can draw the readers in.

This is a basic checklist and if you need, you can always add more.

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