75+ Free Tools and Resources to Make Your Content Marketing Mission Less Painful

Here's the ultimate list of tools and resources for content marketers to make their work little easy and help to get the job done fast.

You know it’s powerful and it works.

But you also know that pain. Don’t you?

Generating plenty of ideas, turning them into incredible content and then fighting for the targeted traffic. It’s never been an easy job. It works when you put right things in the right order at the right time. For this, you need some tools that make your work smooth and resources that can tell you about the topic inside out.

Here are some useful tools and resources you’ll need to boost your content marketing campaign.

Finding Content Ideas

1. Quora: Find what questions your targeted audience are asking

2. Buzzsumo: Check what kind of post are popular in your targeted niche and keyword

3. Google Trends: Explore what the whole world is searching for

4. MyBlogU: It is a community where you can collaborate and create epic contents

5. Portent’s content idea generator: Enter your subject and let the portent to spit-out awesome titles

6. Hubspot blog topic generator: Just give 3 nouns related to your niche and get a bunch of ideas for the whole week

7. Google Alerts: It will help you to monitor the web for interesting new content. Google send you an email every time it crawls a story related to your keyword

8. 7 ways to find blog post ideas: Find 7 ways to find new blog post ideas. An easy step-by-step guide

9. The ultimate list of blog post ideas: This is where you can find the type of post best suited for you

10. Generate clickable ideas: This is a Neil’s guide teaching you to generate clickable ideas for any industry


11. Google keyword planner: Build your search network campaign by finding keyword ideas and how they perform

12. Ubersuggest: Get thousands of keyword ideas in a minute

13. Keyword Tool: Best alternative to Google keyword and find long tail keywords

14. Beginners Guide to Keyword Research: A beginner’s guide to keyword research by Moz

15. The Ultimate Guide to Keyword Researching: A comprehensible guide for keyword research

16. The Ultimate Guide to Advanced Keyword Research: Another guide for advanced keyword research

17. Statista: Find statistics, consumer survey results, and industry studies on Statista database

18. Knoema: Find statistics and data analysis on the economics, agriculture, energy and much more

19. How to Use Google Search more efficiently: An infographic teaching advanced google search techniques

20. How to find resources for your content: Find almost everything from Google fast. A useful blog post by link builder Venchito Tampon

21. 14 places to find statistics: Get some useful number of sources

Content Creation Tools

22. Google Docs: A clean and powerful editor for writing your articles

23. Canva: makes designing simple and fast. Create designs for your blog, social accounts, and presentation with drag and drop features

24. Skitch: It is an EverNote product help you to take screenshots

25. Pablo: It is a buffer product help you to design engaging images for your social media posts in under 30 seconds

26. Picmonkey: Edit your images with this free powerful online photo editor

27. Giphy: Find best and latest gif’s and make your own animated stickers online

28. Meme Generator: Browse popular memes on the Internet or create your own with your favorite characters

29. Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to Writing a Blog Post: From researching to editing, learn every step

30. How to Write a Blog Post: A simple formula for writing a blog post. Plus get free blog post templates

31. How to Write Great Blog Content: A collection of sources to learn how to write a great blog post

32. 12 Content Writing Secrets of Professional Writers: Learn from the professionals

Content Optimization

33. Hemingway app: It makes your writing bold and clear. Eliminate fluffy, hard-to-read sentences and get the grade for your written piece

34. Grammarly: Proofread your work. Eliminate grammar mistakes

35. Headline Analyzer by Coschedule: Optimize your headlines that drive more social shares and SEO value

36. Emotional marketing value headline analyzer: Check your headline EMV score and help you to make it more intellectual and empathetic

37. On-page optimization tool: A web-based on-page optimization tool

38. Copyscape: Copyscape is a plagiarism checker. Detect duplicate content and keep your writing original

39. Yoast: It is a WordPress plugin help you to optimize your website for SEO

40. All in one SEO pack: Another WordPress SEO plugins to optimize your website

41. Content marketing optimization: An ultimate guide from Heidi Cohen

Content Promotion

42. Buffer: makes it super easy to share any page you’re reading. keep your buffer topped up and it automatically shares posts for you through the day

43. Hootsuite: is a leading social media dashboard. Manage multiple networks and profiles and measure your campaign results

44. IFTTT: Create your best workflow by connecting your favorite apps to each other

45. Click to Tweet: The easiest and simplest way to promote your blog and stuff on twitter

46. MailChimp: is for sending better emails, tracking and analyzing the results, and keep your subscribers list growing

47. Reach Mail: Make easy for marketers to send emails

48. Marketing Grader: is a tool that measure and analyzes all of your marketing efforts and gives actionable advice on how to improve

49. Followerwonk: A powerful tool from Moz to find, analyze, and optimize for social growth

50. Cyfe: Your’s all-in-one dashboard for social marketing campaign

51. PRNewswire: is a news distribution helps you marketing, monitoring, and engaging with your targeted audience

52. Promoting your content: Get a comprehensible step-by-step guide on how to promote your content to increase traffic, engagement, and sales

Content Analytics and Measuring

53. Google Analytics: is the most popular web analytics from Google

54. Piwik: is an open source web analytics helps to track traffic and user’s behavior

55. Open Web Analytics: is also an open source web analytics that can be added to the website using Javascript, PHP, or REST based APIs

56. Clicky: is the simplest to monitor and analyze your website traffic

57. SumoMe: has bunch of tools like content analytics, google analytics, heat maps, list builder and more that can be used to grow your website’s traffic

58. How to use Analytics: Read this ultimate guide from Wishpond to increase your content marketing ROI using analytics

59. Resources for Google Analytics: Here is 50 ultimate resources to get most out of Google Analytics

Content Curation Tools

60. Feedly: is an online application you can use to feed your favorite blogs

61. AllTop: Get all the top headlines from popular topics around the world

62. Fark: Get satirical views on interesting, bizarre and amusing stories

63. Curata: is a software for content marketers to grow leads and revenue

64. Pinterest: is a visual discovery tool to find new ideas for your interest

65. StumbleUpon: Discover the best of the web every time you click the stumble button

66. Drumup: is a content marketing and social media management tool that discover awesome content and helps to share with followers on Facebook and Twitter

67. Klout: helps to find awesome content on the web and share it with your audience

68. Content Gems: is a content discovery engine scan hundreds of thousands of articles every day

69. Storify: Create your story with finding and collecting what people are sharing on the web

70. Bundlr: Bookmark and discover amazing content with photos, videos, tweets, and documents

Project Management

71. Evernote: is the place to collect all your ideas, research and important documents to move your projects forward

72. Trello: Get organized and track everything on the boards

73. Asana: The easiest way for teams to track work and get results

74. kanbanchi: Simple dashboard system to visualize your workflow. Similar to Trello

75. Podio: is an online work platform where you can manage, share, and get your work done together with tools

76. Wrike: is an online project management software helps you to fully control over your projects with features like time tracking, organizing, communicating and more.

So, this was the list of some best free tools and resources for content marketers. Tell me about your favorite list and share your experience if you’ve used any of these.

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