7 Habits of Successful Writers You Should Eat Up

“In writing, habit seems to be a much strong force than either willpower or inspiration.” – John Steinbeck.

Writing was never an easy job. Neither it will be. It takes time, and you have to develop some habits to become succeed as a writer.

Let’s find 7 habits of successful writers you should consume as soon as possible.

Write Regular

Experts advice to write daily. Even if it is just a nonsense dream you had last night.

Add this job at the top into your To-do list. If you have no idea or forgot the dream, you can try following tricks.

Put yourself in a different shoe, then see the world through those eyes. For example, consider yourself as your pet dog, then write how you see this wonderful world?

You can also try an online application youshouldwrite. Every time you open or refresh the page, you get a fresh prompt randomly.

Swallow Rejection

Either you are beginner or expert, highly skilled or no skilled writer, you’ll get the rejection and criticism. Unfortunately, some writers take this personally. Rejection means to push your limits. Rejection means to make your root stronger before turning into the Big tree.

It is a kind of oil which polish your writing and save your skills from rust. Since you can’t avoid this, you must know the right way to accept this.

Joanna Penn has written a very nice article on this.

Believe in Yourself

Despite your inner dissatisfaction with your work, you have to believe you. Every writer doubt on his words. But successful writers know how to deal with this. Even they get stronger with each rejection.

Every morning reminds your mind that you are a writer. And you would never lose.

Don’t doubt on your skills and success. God exist because you believe. You’ll succeed because you believe.

Keep Hungry for Knowledge

How one writer ahead to another?


No! It’s knowledge. You wouldn’t take any advantage of having years of experience without good knowledge. But you can succeed with less experience but outstanding knowledge. Knowledge makes your expert. Knowledge takes you on top in the competition.

Successful writers never kill their hunger for more. They remain student to all their life. It is how they become expert.

Have Targets

You wouldn’t reach anywhere without destination. When you would reach somewhere somehow, you wouldn’t know if this is what you were fighting for.

Set your goals. Divide them into parts, and work on each part individually. Once you start achieving targets, you’ll get more confidence.

But always have targets.

No Procrastination

This is probably the most generic and common problem with beginners. They don’t feel excited, creative and avoid their work to some other day. Do not procrastinate your work. Tomorrow never comes.

Writing is like jogging. You don’t feel the energy in the beginning. You need warm up to get the momentum and energy. Same things happen with writing. You need to write few words to get the momentum.

Stay Focused

Nothing can help if you can’t focus on your work. You must have a strong focused mind. A focused mind is more productive and fast compared to a distracted mind.

Do writing in the morning. It is when you mind is fresh. Disconnect from Internet or install StayFocused extension to your browser.

The more you write, the more you’ll be focused.

Basically, the conclusion is that write daily without fear. Keep learning and keep sharing.

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