7 Easy Ways To Find Blog Post Ideas – A Step-by-Step Guide

Think about a situation when your blog readers are waiting for your next post, client projects are on the deadline, and you are stuck. You can’t think of any idea you should write about. Every topic seems to be outdated and bored. If this happens to you, then congrats. You are absolutely normal.

To find compelling ideas is equally challenging as creating compelling content. The problem is not that there is the shortage of ideas. Instead, you don’t know a secret of productive writers who publish post after post after post.

The secret is that they steal. And you also have to do the same because you can’t generate pure, untouched ideas all the time. Even, no one can do it. Now the question is where these ideas are, and how to steal them? Let’s find out

1. Your own loyal readers

If you are writing for a long time, then you would likely to have plenty of email in your subscription list. Then you shouldn’t worry about topics. They are right under your nose. People who read you may have loads of ideas. The only thing you need is to get those ideas from their mind to your notebook.

How to steal

Step 1: Send an email to all in your subscription list. Ask what challenges, either small or big, do they face related to your subject? Or something specific they want you to write about?

Step 2: Run a survey in the sidebar of your blog and ask same questions. This way you may get advice from those who visit your blog but are not in your subscription list.

Step 3: Do not give up but keep working on this for few days or weeks. Many people, who missed your email or forgot to reply, respond in follow-up emails.

Step 4: When you get a bunch of advice, read them one by one, and write down those free ideas into your notebook.

2. Headline generating tools

There may be a time when you feel lazy. You don’t want to go through the process of:

  • finding ideas
  • refining them
  • creating a compelling headline using a keyword.

You just want someone who asks your topic and suggest irresistible headlines, so you can take one and write a post on that. In that case, headline-generating tools can help you.

How to steal

Let’s take portent title maker tool as an example:

portent title maker


Step 1: Open Portent title maker tool.

Step 2: Enter your subject in the given text box.

Step 3: Click arrow button and get your new post idea with a promising headline.

You’ll get a new headline every time you click the arrow button. Take the one you like and write on that. Other similar tools are Hubspot’s blog topic generator, tweakyourbizz title generator, and Impact title generator.

3. Blogs

Top niche specific blogs can be a great source of inspiration for the ideas. It is because they (mostly) run by industry experts, update regularly, and spread out tons of knowledge almost for free. The thing is simple. Read the posts, take the topic and write with your own perspective, twist and angle.

How to steal


google blog search

Step 1: Open Alltop and navigate to your topic using alphabets. Or simply Google “Your topic” + “blog”.

Step 2: Add them to your Feedly account. This way you can keep your eyes on all of them from a single window. It will save your time.

Step 3: Read their post regularly and look for interesting ideas you can write about.

Step 4: Once you find your topics, do some more insight research and write with your own angle and twist.

4. Google alerts

It is a web content monitoring tool. You can use it to keep your eyes on a specific keyword. When alerts find anything new related to your keyword, it sends an email having a link to the story. Then, you can read and decide if you should write on this or not.

How to steal


google alerts

Step 1: Open Google alerts.

Step 2: Enter the keyword you would like to monitor.

Step 3: Set other preferences according to your comfort.

Step 4: Enter your email address, and click Create Alert button.

5. Quora

It is an amazing Q&A website cover almost every topic on the earth. There, you can read questions people are asking into your niche. You just need to find those questions and answer them.

How to steal


quora search

Step 1: Open quora and login to your account.

Step 2: Enter your keyword into the search box on the top.

Step 3: Click and open if there is a separate board on your keyword, else go on with the questions given on result page.

Step 4: Now read what questions people are asking. You can also set filters from the left pane.

Step 5: Select specific questions that interest you, write them to your notebook.

You can select questions which interest you and write a detailed step by step solution. Other similar websites are Yahoo answers and faqfox.

6. Blog comments

A blog comments section can give you some juicy ideas. Some people ask specific pinpoint questions in the comment section. Unfortunately, most writers are busy and they leave those questions unanswered. There is your chance to find what people wants to know more about, and then giving them the same thing.

How to steal

Step 1: Whenever you read a blog post, also give some time reading the comment section.

Step 2: Check if people have specific doubt on the topic. Or willing to know something more on the topic or anything else.

Step 3: If the question is interesting and worth writing, note down this to your notebook.

7. Amazon

Amazon started his journey as a bookstore and now it is one of the biggest digital retailer in U.S. and beyond. According to a 2014 report, amazon bookstore has more than 3 million books and 12 new books added to the database every hour.

You think of the topic, and amazon will give you hundreds, if not thousands, of books on the same. These books can inspire you with something new.

How to steal


amazon search

Step 1: Open amazon and search your topic using the box on top.

Step 2: Click and open latest and popular books on the topic.

Step 3: Now use an amazing feature of amazon that you can read first few pages of books for free. That typically cover index page most of the time. Peek into that index page and see what new or different is there.

Step 4: As you find something interesting on which you’d like to write, take the topic to your notebook.

Two important lessons

First, have a system where you can record all the ideas. Write down them as soon as they come. If you don’t record them, they will fade away forever. You can use either Evernote or Google Keep. They both keep your notes in the sync on all the devices.

Second, practice to find new ideas for 20-30 minutes every day. It will tone up your creativity muscles and you will never run out of post ideas.

If you like the post, share it to help others. Also, comment and let me know about your tricks to finding ideas.


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